Degree Magazine

Issue 1: Transformation

When we stretch ourselves beyond what we think is possible, it is in these moments, these moments of transformation, that we are changed forever.

Degree magazine is an online publication that highlights in amazing achievements of ordinary people. Each issue will open with a featured article that highlights an indepth story and photo essay, 3 theme articles, 4 featurettes, and links to the best stories from around the web.

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Gear Guide: Mt. Kilimanjaro

Getting Reading For Your Journey

About The Gear

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  2. Featured Article

    An in-depth exploration that peels back the layers on the interesting, passionate and inspiring people who have committed their lives to chasing their escape.

  3. Adventure Articles

    The best adventures are the ones that happen far off the beaten path. We’ll profile the best places to disconnect and tune in to the wild

  4. Featurettes

    Love nerding out over gear? Take a behind the scenes look at the the science behind the gear, and see what the pros are using.

  5. Curated Articles

    Each month, we identify and share 3-4 partner articles (adding our unique perspective) that align with the theme of each issue.

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