Gore Tex: Interactive Prototype

Agency: LaneTerralever - UX / In-Browser Design / HTML Prototype

Project Background

I got the opportunity to work on a conceptual project for Gore-Tex during my time at LaneTerralever. During our planning for their digital campaign for 2015-2016, one of the key focuses was content marketing. The idea of putting together a digital publication that would highlight the achievements of everyday explorers was brought up and had a lot of potential. To help stakeholders conceptualize what this idea could be, I volunteered to make a prototype to pitch the project.

Over the course of a week, I worked with some of the other UX designers and sketched out a concept for the site. I took those sketches and then started designing in the browser a quick prototype of the site that consisted of 3 page templates. To refine these ideas, I created some static wireframes to figure out some layouts that would work better accross screen sizes.

For the project I used a setup that included Foundation for a responsive grid, Gulp to compile Sass and minify assets, and HTML / CSS & Javascript to design the interactions. You can view the prototype here Gore Prototype and the final execution here Gore Experience More Publication. **Note - the final execution deviated pretty significantly from the initial concepts to constraints set by the client.

Home Page

Gore Mockup

Custom Modal

Gore Mockup

Quick Wireframe

Gore Wireframe

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