Phoenix Seminary: Responsive Landing Page to Increase Online Enrollment.

Design / Front End Development

Project Background

Phoenix Seminary is expanding their online program as well as their overall enrollment so they reached out Brandon Riley, who is one of the top digital marketers in Phoenix. After coming up with a strategy for their digital marketing, Brandon brought me in to design and build a landing page to capture traffic from paid search. Our goal was to create a responsive landing page that loaded quickly and converted well.

I chose a layout that highlighted the form in a non-invasive way. With Foundation, I build a responsive grid and structured the site to show key sales points to the left of the form, with social proof below. On submitting the form, I used Ajax to display a success or error message. Form submissions are sent emails via Mandril App which allows you to send email with their javascript api (which is fantastic). View the project here.


Phoenix Seminary

Full Page Comp

Phoenix Seminary Full Comp

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